Thursday, June 27, 2013

Green Woman

She started off out of horrible news but her transformation has been interesting. These new developments  with further major changes of the spine brings new green lady works.... She's all me....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's beyond helpful for riding....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I choose my destiny...

Found a stack of things I painted.... I chose what I do I suppose to a certain extent. I picked up the paint brush, turned my back to a certain degree on the doctors until recently. Doing pre op testing ..... My core is ridiculously weak because of. Issues with seven more levels .... Piss me off and as I find myself saying this stinks..... But I will paint and bike for as long as the arms and legs work PERIOD.... I go forward... Carry on..

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pink Bicycles.... Or just Bicycles

The plan tomorrow is just to bike....get up early and try to bike. I got on my bike yesterday and did one full trail( four hours ). Far more than I have done in years. My core muscles are very weak today so I'm resting it BUT tomorrow is a new day and as my motto's always best to go forward..... So forward I will go...
 Went from dealing with it to fighting with it.... Love my legs working so I am going to fight to keep them working which means fighting to keep them strong....
The pink bicycle is a symbol cheerful but with the purpose of moving ahead...go Maggie!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!  So go out and ride!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink Bicycle Society

This is a wildly old post....years old...not sure why it's still existing but here you go.... Life is so much different than the winters day I wrote this....
Lord Argyle is sleeping at the foot of the bed. He and his sister had there daily five mile run at Baxter Road in North Salem. It's so cold that I'm not sure why they would love these daily walks when the temperatures hang around 13 degrees. Even with wool sweaters that offer really very little extra warmth - they run to the door each morning looking forward to these walks and after two hours coming back to the comfort of this little cottage 70 miles north of New York City. When they are come in - they are happy for the warmth of the house and they eat a warm meal of chicken and sweet potatoes and sleep.

This weather leaves me thinking about my bikes in the basement. Two bikes bought for myself when i turned 40 .and the other last year when the bike that i bought at 40 was broken and in for a major repair . I was going to the Jersey Shore for vacation and did not want to rent a bike - see I wanted my bike bicycle - and if i couldn't have that i would buy a spare bike that i could loan to my friends when they came to see me at this cottage.
At the time of purchasing this pink bicycle i was unaware of any health issues- and the bike represented everything innocent and carefree. Who couldn't remember being young and riding a bike and the joy it brings? For months leading up to my 40th birthday I thought a great deal about what i really wanted. I didn't need anything as i have everything i could possibley want. A really lovely mountain home- dogs - birds - a beautiful garden and a good man. I wanted to reward myself with a treat that meant a lot to me. I kept thinking how a bike made me feel and i figure as crazy as it seems to see a grown woman riding on a pink bike - there was something really beautiful about what it meant. To me it meant going forward thru pushing those peddles down- - wind in the hair and sometimes having to get winded by the work it took. I kept thinking that is what life is about- and how at 40 all i could do was to race or slowly go forward.

I was working for some great people and we all went to Long Beach Island in Southern New Jersey and straight off the bridge lining the main street - that ran from one end of the Island to the other were tons of bike shops. I had not thought about till just then that my bike was there on main drag. The next day my boss and i went bike shopping- so we would scrap the car and use the bikes the whole trip. It's strange - but i was so excited about buying this bike - that all the details other than how much i paid i don't remember.

My bike is a Kustom Kruiser- a Cosmopolitian - bubble gum pink with a luster to it- a white leather seat - white grips- and two bowling pins as air valves and the finishing touch - a white wicker basket. This bike was so beautiful and even thinking about it now- i can't help but smile as it really is a happy thing to look at and does stir alot of thought about simple things in life.

I rode that bike every day that summer and cleaned it really well each night after it was ridden. In the fall- the bike was put in the basement of our cottage where it would collect winter dust before being taken out in the spring. It was eight years ago that i bought that bike and here in the middle of a cold winter - i have gone downstairs to look at it again and to really think about what to do as the simple idea of a pink bike has now become a far larger thought about how to deal with life in general.